Commercial Roof Coatings Ltd are roof painting specialists, with over 15 years experience.

Commercial Roof Coatings is a NZ owned and operated company that have been setting the benchmark for painting and maintaining residential, industrial and commercial roofs throughout New Zealand, establishing a reputation built on honesty, safety and reliability.

The Team at Commercial Roof Coatings is committed to delivering quality on every project. We use only quality materials and all our work is guaranteed to last. With clear communication from the start and sensible project management we go about our business in a friendly but focused manner as we strive to finish projects on time, every time.

We use only the best materials.

All our work comes with a 5, 10 or 15 year guarantee. Our 7-point Commercial Roof Coatings Roof Care package includes:

1. Roof inspection

2. Roof report

3. Health and safety plan

4. Access equipment

5. Roof wash

6. Roof Paint

7. Ongoing maintenance plan

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What we are good at

Commercial Roof Services


Commercial Roof Coatings deliver a roof inspection prior to any works commencing. Our inspector will compile a report that documents each of the items covered in the inspection and their relative condition. For steep pitched roofs or height works we capture images using drone technology.

Roof Report

After an inspection we provide a detailed Roof report which asses the overall condition of the roof including any potential issues. A remedial plan is included along with a written quotation.

Health and Safety Plan

The safety of our staff and clients is paramount so upon acceptance of quotation we provide an in-depth health and safety plan.


We arrange all access whether it be Guard railings, Ropes and Harnesses Scissor lifts or Knuckle Booms. All our staff are qualified and experienced in operating various access equipment.

Roof Wash

A quality pre paint roof wash is vital to ensure a long lasting paint finish. We use a soft wash system on all our roofs. Soft Washing is a “Low Pressure”, Safe, Eco-friendly alternative cleaning process. By utilizing our low-pressure pump system we are able to apply a customised cleaning solution to exteriors for the removal of mould, algae, dust, droppings, insect nests, cob webs and general dirt and staining.

Roof Paint

We use state of the art materials and tailor a roof coating system to meet your needs. All our paint is designed to withstand New Zealand's harsh climate whilst proving a premium finish. With a 3 or 4 coat painting system we can guarantee the life of your roof from 10-15 years.

Ongoing Maintenance Plan

We make it easy with our ongoing maintenance plan.Depending on the plan tailored for you we arrange half yearly or yearly washes to keep your Roof looking good and protected.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive ourselves on providing a hassle free experience from start to finish.

Roof Painting

Your roof is one of the most important assets of your building. So, it makes sense to engage in roof repaints and look after it. Your roof can not only uplift your entire commercial building, it also gives the inhabitants protection from all types of weather conditions. Commercial Roof Coatings are well-known for their quality workmanship and use only the best materials made for New Zealand’s conditions. Commercial Roof Coatings provide a complete roofing service from painting to restoration, repairs and to high pressure cleaning. Whatever are your roofing and painting needs Commercial Roof Coatings commitment to quality workmanship has you covered, with a five, ten, or 15 year warranty you can be assured that no shortcuts are taken during our roof restoration process. The professional team and Commercial Roof coatings can handle projects of any size from 500m2 roof to a 10,000+ m2 roof, with many years’ experience at dealing with commercial needs, including high traffic areas to tall buildings. Protect your investment today and give the team a call for a free roof inspection!

What We're Good At

Commercial Roof Coatings takes pride in every project! We strive to deliver the highest quality work possible!

Roof Painting
12 years
10 years
Roof Cleaning
5 years
Roof Repairs
3 years

Common Roof Issues That Need To Be Fixed

Non-compliance of the roof with relevant Codes of Practice

Be aware that non-compliance can result in future insurance claims being denied

Fascia boards rotting

The fascia boards can be susceptible to moisture leading to rot and collapse.

Moisture and roof leaks

Leaks often occur where vents or pipes penetrate the roofing materials, or where there are faults at roof seams, sealants and expansion joints at perimeters.

Gutters that are rusty and leaking

Roof box guttering needs to be cleared of dirt and rubbish. Debris, such as leaf litter, can get trapped in the gutters creating acidic moisture that can lead to rust and water overflow.

Soffits cracking or rotting

Birds, insects and possums can get inside the roof overhang and cause cracking, disease and rotting of the structure.

I use and recommend Commercial Roof Coatings for all my properties, their 7 point Roofing Management plan is a bulletproof system.

Luke McGill
Commercial Roof Coatings is your one stop shop for roof painting, we have dealt with Kane for many years and look forward to many more.  
Jared Hards
Ray White Real Estate

Wow, I wanted to fix my roof for a long time, it was leaking and looked bad, now my factories roof is as good as new, Thanks Commercial Roof Coatings!

Steve Wallis
Business Owner

Our mission is to give you great service!

Your roof is one of the most important assets of your building. So it makes sense to engage in roof repaints and look after it. Your roof can not only uplift your entire commercial building, it also gives the inhabitants protection from all types of weather conditions.

Kane Lindsay

Owner/Managing Director/Family man

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